Follow-up of Real Estate Investment made easy

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Follow-up of Real Estate Investment made easy

Hi guys, it's been a while I made my debut post about "Real Estate Investment made easy"

A few persons have indicated interest in understanding the way forward to this, so before we go forward, I will like to ask. Do we know of any business person who likes to buy his products at an expensive rate to sell for a cheaper amount?😂 The principles of business embedded in buying and selling applies to real estate investment as well.
Few steps to take would be the following.
1. Seek out, cheap real estate investment opportunities majorly undeveloped(bare lands) areas.
This is because the more a property is developed, the higher priced it becomes, even 3trips of sand in a property can increase its value.

2. You must do your market survey, but in the context of real estate, you study the trends or possibilities of people migration into areas of interest. Few things are good determining factor for people migration, (a) Presence of Schools
(b) presence of Manufacturing companies
(c) access or Paved linking roads.

(b) Presence of leisure spots (bars, parks, hotels, etc)

(e) Market

These are primarily determinant for people migration into areas of interest.
For example Lagos Ibeju-Lekki axis are majorly not as developed as other parts of Lagos, but it's potential of becoming a super busy business hub is very high due to major business investments springing up at the moment.

We must not forget that People are the only factor for real estate investment appreciation. The more people want to settle, the higher your ROI.
People settle for diverse reasons, nearness to work,
 nearness to school for their kids,
nearness to market,
 nearness to leisure, etc.

To fully be an investor in real estate, you must be a visioner, one who sees beyond the natural eyes.

You must be able to see a bubbling city inside a dejected forest.

To start small in real estate you must look for the undeveloped and cheap opportunities, within your financial reach. There is property for everyone but the major part of investors look beyond what they can afford and miss great opportunities to grow in the business.

There is alot to talk about on this topic. Perhaps in my next post I will address how property documents affects pricing and why you should not be afraid to try investing in real estate.

Let me what you think about this post. Let's have your feed backs and questions to help me direct my post better.
Thanks, stay safe this season. 😊